"It is absolutely perfect, cant express how happy we are with it. The day went by in such a flash so its great to have such a fantastic reminder. I sat and cried from beginning to end, we watched it twice right through."
Irene and Alan (Isle of Skye)

Culloden House Hotel

Culloden House Hotel, Grace & James

Jul 28, 2017

Culloden House Hotel, Grace & James

Culloden House Hotel, Grace & James

What better place than Scotland for a Wallace to come home and marry his bride Grace in the glorious Highlands of Scotland!

Culloden House Hotel was the picture-perfect location for James & Grace to marry and exchange rings and their personal vows to each other with Registrar Alison Ferguson officiating proceedings.

Photographer Steven Gallagher then took the couple to several locations near Culloden House Hotel for the more private shots with James & Grace vowing to continue to come back and explore the Highlands of Scotland !

Enjoy the Highlights !



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