"Wow ! Thank you ! Photos are one thing but this was out this world. I will pass on your name as will all my family. I have my wedding day anytime I want it. Thank you Ross"
Emily & Danny (Inverness)

About Us


Anna…by Ross!

Initially started in media, many years ago at Lews Castle College.  She was introduced to cameras, lighting, editing, even researching projects…this has proved to be useful for Thistle Production.   She is brilliant at going through the filming process of your wedding day and will keep you at ease and informed throughout the process.

Even though I do all the hard-work in filming the wedding (!) the final edit is performed by Anna and she is also responsible for finalising your wedding highlights…and she makes a mean cup of tea!


Ross…by Anna!

Okay…Ross is the main cameraman of Thistle Production.  For larger weddings and more complex scenarios he will include other qualified and experienced camera personnel.  He shoots weddings with a professional and unobtrusive style and manner so that brides & grooms and your guests are not intimated by having someone filming.  Filming in an unobtrusive manner he will film and capture the non-staged moments of you and your guests that we can then craft to tell your wedding story.  He has filmed for various UK & International clients and recently filmed for a Broadcast company that produces programmes for channel 4.

Have I said everything ? – Oh yes he is my husband and a nice guy too !